Calypso Chile was created by Marcela Cofre and her family in 1996 with the designs being inspired by a combination of Chilean traditions and nature.
All of Calypso's pieces are hand crafted by glass artisans with over 20 years of experience. Each product is made from a combination of saved window glass and recycled bottles that are picked up and cared for by trash collectors in Santiago, Chile.
Calypso believes in Fair Trade as a basic human right, so all of our collaborators are treated with the respect and fairness that they deserve. 
Our mission is to empower artisans and workshops around the World 
Calypso creates things from glass and turns it into a passionate lifestyle
Calypso is proud of giving you the opportunity to wear chilean, hand crafted creations, and we hope that supporting local industries by continuing to buy our products is something you will be proud of too.
We are here to show you that artisans can make it, but not without your continued support.
Thank you for keeping us going
Write to us at marcelacofre@calypsochile.com