Salad blue base bowl

Salad blue base bowl

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Individual Bowl of Chilean landscapes

Chile is a country with diversity of landscapes and groups of people. The one geological structure that joins Chile is the ''cordillera de los Andes'', a vertebral column  in wich from north to the far south is full of glacier that feeds rivers and lakes with fresh cold water. Every zone of our long country haz particular soil, in witch our Clay master is in charge to mix and form the perfect material to resamble our landscapes in this practic utensil.

Ojos del Caburga, Pucón, South of Chile.

💙Ojos del Caburga, in english '' Caburga eyes'', are two natural pools feeded with waterfalls of 15 and 20 meters, surranded of native flora💙

¿how was made?

Each pice is created by hand in a turner ✋ here in the south of the world, then baked at 1000° C and then enameled at 1240° C. All the creation process makes every tumbler different and unique.

 Size: 15x 10,5cm

Weigth: 900 gr


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